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By Susan Dilley




Mom and Dad


It’s been thirty five years now

Since Dad has made you his wife

Talking to both of you

I know it’s been the best years of your life


The stories we’ve been told by both of you

About your childhood past

They are stories that will linger on

And stories that will last


There was one dismal

Dark summer night

Many years ago

Dad was walking home from school

When a stampede of steers decided to show


There was a lot of huffing and bellering

Which wasn’t from the steer

Dad wasn’t the only one scared that night

For the fence line they did veer


There are tales of Dad and friends

Sneaking into the watermelon patch

And how the farmer

Gun in hand

Was out to make his catch


There are stories of a cute little girl

With hair all in braids

Who took a log

Wrapped in a cloth

And a dolly she had made


There were cold winter days

When chores yet had to be done

How hanging the clothes out on the line

Had made her fingers all numb


There are stories we can tell

All of our children too

Memories we have had

Over the years that we grew


One hot summer day

When Dad decided with me and Cully he would race

His short little legs kept moving on

While his slipper stayed in place


With wrecked slipper


And skinned up hands and knees

Dad proved to us that day

He was the same man he used to be


There was one New Years Eve

I always will recall

How my Mom and brother

A little bit tipsy

Were having such a ball


The snow balls they threw

Kept missing each other

Which wouldn’t have been so sad

If two feet apart wasn’t all that they stood

Then it wouldn’t have been half bad


Besides the stories and tales

There are other things we can share too

We can share the love we have

Which we learned from the both of you


You have taught us things over the years

We are very grateful for

This hasn’t stopped as a child

As an adult you have taught us more


The impact you’ve had on your children’s lives

Was so much for you to do

We hope this learning and up bringing

Is instilled in our kids too


God has blessed us four children in so many ways

Thirty five years have come and gone

And today is your day


Susan M. Dilley

August 26, 1995  ©

For Lennie & Judy


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