Autumn Johnson

Autumn will share her adventures as
she is full of fun and creativity.
Her experience will come from Girl Scout
activities, along with hiking in the field.
Her love for kitties and poetry will be included too.

Leon Kitty


Kitties are very neat
Kitties make you feel complete

Kitties like to play
Kitties like to play all day

Kitties like to lie in the sun
Kitties like to have some fun

Kitties always like a treat
Enjoy the kitties that you meet

Autumn K. Johnson
May 02, 2017

Marie Kitty

My kittens

My kittens are soft and sweet
Cuddly and neat
I love them so much

My kittens are awesome and pretty
That silly little kitty
But I still love them so much

Autumn K. Johnson
October 01, 2014

Unusual Pals

BunBun's Best Friend

We have a pet bunny
Her name is BunBun
She is black and white
We love her a ton

Bunnies go
Hop Hop Hop
And their ears go
Flop Flop Flop

BunBun's best friend
Is our dog Blue
Just like humans
They have best friends too

Autumn K. Johnson
May 11, 2017