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The Tiny Hummingbird, Starts The Day
They Know He Is A Sweet Little Gem
The Hummingbird Trusts Me
Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Hummingbird Trusts Me

A Poem About Hummingbirds

Audio Poem Click to Listen - His Song is a Sweet Melody
Or read the Poem:

His Song is a Sweet Melody

A cold and windy morning
Seems to have come our way

Overcast and dreary
Begins this autumn day

The changing season is apparent
You can tell
From the amount of sunlight

Gone are the long days of summer
Darkness comes earlier each night

The Hummingbird is singing
High up in the tree

It is easy to see his silhouette
His song is a sweet melody

Having more than one feeder
Helps to sustain the Hummingbirds

With territorial behavior
Lots of chattering can be heard

In the West
Hummingbirds visit all year long

Filling the feeder during the winter
Will help to keep them strong

Connie S. Soto
October 04, 2010

Momma & Baby Hummingbird
It looks like baby is hungry

Warning Call From the Hummingbird

The Coopers Hawk has been relentless this year.
He should have flown south but stays to dine
on my wild birds that come to eat in the yard.
The Hummer flies high and warns the other
birds that he is in the yard.

The Coopers Hawk Balances on Small Branches

A Poem For Dad - To Understand The Why
A Poem For Family - Old Fashioned Remedy
A Poem For All Time 1914 - I See You Smile

A Short Poem - Find Our Way
A Poem - To Deceive

Poems About Life:

Simply A Matter Of Choice
Pink Slips Are Coming Any Day
Impending Doom
Treasure It More

Poems from the field:

Poem - Golden Eagle

Audio Poem Click to Listen - For All the Little Things
Or read the Poem:

For All the Little Things

We have spent our life together
We would not have it
Any other way

I am glad you are always near
It comforts me
More than I can say

You hold me close
If I am sad
You warm my heart
When you hold my hand

For all the little things
You always do for me
They count more than you know
I am glad that you love me

Connie S. Soto
February 2, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Vger, My Sweet Little Kitty
Or read the Poem:

Vger, My Sweet Little Kitty

I feel this love for my kitty
Who has been with me for years
I do not want to be without her
As she ages
It brings about that fear

I took her to the doctor
This bleak and dreary night
I hoped my love for her
Could give her the strength
So that everything
Would be all right

We would like a little more time
My sweet little kitty and me
She is more important
Than I can say
She is part of my family

I treasure the time
I have with her
I know that she loves me
In my arms she always purrs
So happy to be with me

Connie S. Soto
March 28, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Learning is What we Do
Or read the Poem:

Learning is What we Do

It is important to us
As individuals that
We feel valued

When we do not feel valued
We feel anxious
Vulnerable and discouraged

Learning is what we do
Because we are human
We know that it is true

A little effort everyday
Is sure to help us
To find our way

It is a natural desire
To seek comfort
From one another

A little love can provide
A little commitment
To each other

Our emotions and our intellect
Guides the choices
That we make

Focus with objective thoughts
Provides attention to detail

Choices from this process
Helps us all
So that we can prevail

Connie S. Soto
May 10, 2010

Click to see how Nova was rescued as a kitten
In the Gallery of Babies

Kitty Rescue Poem - Abandoned in a Field

Click on the Zebra Finch or Keyka
To find the Gallery of Babies

Zebra Finch and Other Babies - Gallery of Babies

Keyka Zebra Finch DOB Sept. 10, 2012 - Gallery of Babies

Finch Babies in a Nest of Dove Feathers

A Poem About Hawks

Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Sparrow Hawk
Or read the Poem:

A Sparrow Hawk

An American Kestrel
Is what they mostly call
This hawk today

A Sparrow Hawk
For this smallest
Falcon of prey

The Kestrel usually hunts
In an open field
It can hover
Using rapid wing beats
Scanning the ground
For a meal

Courtship dives
Are a common display
Bringing her food
Is another way

This brilliant colorful
Bird of prey
Chooses a mate
For a lifetime stay

Connie S. Soto
September 26, 2010

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Damp and Dreary
Or read the Poem:

Damp and Dreary

The wild birds are late today
The stormy night
Has kept them away

They must be
Snuggled up keeping warm
Soon they will
Have to brave the storm

The rain fell hard
The wind was howling
The damp and dreary
Cold was chilling

It has rained for several days
There will be no sun
Again today

Connie S. Soto
March 20, 2011

Audio Poem Click to Listen - We are Energized by Motivation
Or read the Poem:

We are Energized by Motivation

Purpose is part of being human
It is more important
Than you might imagine

Curiosity is a natural tendency
That gives you determination
To have purpose
Is to have motivation

Our instincts are not conscious
We naturally thrive on challenges
We are energized by motivation
This works to our advanatage

Autonomy matters
For purpose and survival
Goals and intent
Are used for approval

The need to know the goal
To be accomplished
Helps to understand the purpose
That is established

To understand behavior
Which comes from human needs
Is to understand the purpose
Which can put you at ease

Environmental factors
Sometimes prevents success
Very often they cause
Humans a lot of stress

Rewards may be tempting
They tend to stifle humans in the end
They do not help you to learn
Encouragement with interest
Is a better trend

Focused energy with interest
Creates the ability to act
With your own free will
Success is where it is at

Connie S. Soto
April 25, 2011

Northern Harrier in flight

Baby Morning Dove

Peace is Here

Snow in the Foothills

A Cloud Bank

A Cloud

Trees Provide Life

Much Needed Rain Arrives

Rain Gives Life

Spring Starts With Growth

A Turkey Made From a Stone

My Favorite Fairy

A little poetry by Connie

Keep Warm & Cozy!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Finding Purpose is a Reality

Finding Purpose is a Reality

To make sense of our life
Is important to define our feelings
To find meaning
Makes life worth living

To be happy
Is all about now
Contentment or acceptance in life
Comes how?

A sense of self and purpose
Comes from giving
To ponder the past or the future
Provides meaning

To contribute to society
Expresses and defines you
In life we focus on
Reaching for our goals too

Realistic acceptance of your potential and abilities
Increase your effectiveness
To learn to appreciate what we have
Help us find happiness

As we age we tend to feel more satisfied and
Finding purpose is a reality
Happiness comes from feelings
Without much responsibility

We become what we think
As we are defined by our actions
Strong relationships connecting to others
Provide a deeper sense of self satisfaction

The quality of life
Is not measured by years
What matters more
Is self worth without tears

To find meaning in life
We have to feel that life has a purpose
To learn that purpose
Takes a life time for it to surface

Connie S. Soto
January 01, 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Love is the Reason

Love is the Reason

No matter if
You are young or old
Christmas is magical
I have been told

The fragrance of evergreen
Fill the air
You can hear Christmas music

Ornaments and lights
Twinkle on the tree
Snowmen appear
Where it use to be green

Time spent together
Count the most
Sharing memories
Makes us feel close

Traditions never fade
But new ones appear
New memories happen
Every year

Children feel the excitement
Of the season
Christmas is full of fun
Love is the reason

These feelings at Christmas
Come from your heart
To greet the New Year
Gives us all a fresh start

Connie S. Soto
December 25, 2016

Enjoy the Holidays

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Love We Share

The Love We Share

Every time I look at you
It reminds me of the love we share

Every time I think
I cannot remember life before you
It reminds me how love grows and
How much we care

Every time I remember
How much I treasure life together
It reminds me of the comfort knowing
You are always there

Every time I think of the little things
Like having a cup of coffee together
It reminds me of the importance
Of time spent together

Every time I realize
Your birth turned out to be a special gift to me
It reminds me to cherish
All of our special memories

Connie S. Soto
December 15, 2016

Watch Out Song Birds, The Sharp Shins are Back

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - To Be True To Youself

To Be True To Youself

When you allow your actions
To reflect your internal beliefs
Living within your conscience
Can feel like a relief

Mistakes can happen
As we grow
It is part of the learning process
Whether it is now or long ago

Humans are naturally curious
Adventure is part of the journey
Fearful experiences can impede you
To be true to your self is better than being phony

When you provide support
For another
The effort can be a benefit
For you as well as others

Emotional barriers
Can hold you back
Letting your guard down
Can help you connect

Unfortunately bad things do happen
To good people
The ability to let it go
Is not always that simple

During our life
We all have battles we need to address
A little self confidence
Can give us less stress

It takes courage to act on the ideas
That comes from within
Inner motivation
Can provide the strength
For us to win

Positive thinking
Can lead to success
Humans are capable of accomplishing more
Than you would even guess

Can help you overcome your fears
Action can sustain you
Over the years

In the end
It all depends
On what you set your mind to do
Success can come
If you want it to

Connie S. Soto
August 26, 2016

Life Changes
When You Go Off to College

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Leaving Home

Leaving Home

Hopes and dreams are needed
To give life meaning
Change is necessary
Despite uncomfortable feelings

We all go through
Good times and bad
Reach out to family
If you feel sad

Mom was there for you
Through thick and thin
Now it is time
For college to begin

Her love and protection
Came with great care
No matter what happens
She will always be there

You relied on her
All of these years
Leaving home
Will cause some tears

Motivation and hard work
Will get you far
It sure does help
To reach for the stars

Connie S. Soto
August 11, 2016

Can We Imagine 300 Years Ago

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Nanny or a Kid

A Nanny or a Kid

Did you ever wonder why
Children are called kids
After all
A baby goat
Is really a kid

Did you ever wonder why
A sitter is called a nanny
After all
A Momma goat
Is really a nanny

Is it just slang
Or a metaphor
After all
It has been around
For three hundred years or more

The sound of a baby goat
Was compared to
The sound of a child's cries

Baby goats are so very cute
Children are too
This is no surprise

Society is left
Sharing these names
Whether it is
A nanny or a kid
It is
All the same

Connie S. Soto
July 17, 2016

Notice All the Baby Birds that Fledged

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Trust is the Key

Trust is the Key

Life together
Was meant to be
Above all else
Trust is the key

The ability to trust
Developed a long time ago
It takes years
For trust to grow

Willing to be vulnerable
Implies positive expectations
This risk provided
For our foundation

Without trust
Love would be lost
Without love
Nothing would last

The little things you do
Matter the most
I know it always
Makes me feel so close

To know you are always
There for me
Makes me feel safe and
A bit carefree

Connie S. Soto
July 03, 2016

Talk to Yourself

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - No Matter What

No Matter What

Talk to yourself in the image
Of when you were little

Little person
I know your fears
I know your dreams

Trust me that
I will never abandon you
Trust me that
I will never harm you

No matter what
I will always take care of you
No matter what
I will always love you

Connie S. Soto
April 07, 1983

Congratulations Devin!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Determination is the Key

Determination is the Key

Graduation is finally here
Live each day
Without any fear

Look to the future
As you remember the past
Values and ethics
Will keep us on track

Instinct guides us
The future is like a winding road
Along the way

Taking a risk
Expands what we know
Adventure is the spice of life
That helps us to grow

If we listen to our conscience
It helps our reactions
Integrity is earned
Because of our actions

Let go of things
You cannot change
Embrace your ideas
Just the same

Determination is the key
Courage is finding the strength
To succeed

You were raised
To make a life of your own
Treasure each day
As you begin from this milestone

Connie S. Soto
June 17, 2016

Spring is Everywhere

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - A Positive Out Look

A Positive Out Look

In primitive times
We had to focus on negativity
It kept us safe
Unlike the needs in a modern society

Negative events
Seem to be hardwired into our memory
Positive things should be
More the reality

Setbacks can influence us
As we live each day
Mistakes help us stretch
Along the way

Because we are human
Mistakes do happen
To learn from them
Is the result quite often

Lesson's in life
Comes with experience
Knowledge gained
Can make a difference

What has already happened
Cannot be changed
To focus on the positive
Is what we need

Experience and status
Increase as we age
Career success can
Increase your wage

What we think to ourselves
Is powerful
It shapes how we feel
It is quite insightful

To focus on our strengths
Alleviates distress
A positive out look
Can help us reach our best

Connie S. Soto
March 19, 2016

Look at the Stars in the Sky

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Moderation Is the key

Moderation Is the key

The world has become
A place of constant contact
Where being alone
Feels like a forgotten concept

Has everyone forgotten
What it means to be alone
Is all this connectivity
A good thing
Or is that still unknown

Technology is beginning
To rewire our brains
Will immediate expectations
Start to be a drain

The virtual world has become
An integral part of our day
It sometimes blocks out reality
In too many ways

Virtual connectivity
Is not the same as real human interaction
Yet when we are together
Our attention is still focused
On those Internet connections

Solitude is essential
For so many things
It can help you relax
Or remove stress
Renewal is what it can bring

Freedom of introspection is possible
Without any external influence
Insight into yourself
Can make a difference

Thinking is our unspoken words
That show us the way
What we think of ourselves
Is who we become each day

It feels sad to lose
Real human interaction
Can we disconnect a bit
To eliminate the virtual distractions

You can discover who you are
When you live in reality
A little focus can help your creativity

Is the key
When it comes
To Internet connectivity

Connie S. Soto
December 20, 2015

In Memory of Silvy
April 3, 2003 - August 15, 2015

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Family Time Together

Family Time Together

It is time for us
To get together
To enjoy the festivities and
One another

Holidays have a tendency
To make us feel close
The memories that are made
Seem to mean the most

Traditions are carried over
Adding to the activities
External realities can impact
The festivities

Traditions help us
To feel secure
It gives us value
Year after year

Differences can be seen because
Of culture or upbringing
No matter how you celebrate
It can be quite satisfying

Family and support
Make us feel protected
Traditions that we share
Make us feel connected

Diversity in the world
Is a human right
Family time together
Should make Christmas bright

Bittersweet memories remind us
Of those we've lost
We keep them in our heart
We will not forget the past

Emotions occur
From events of the past
Our sense of belonging
Is a benefit that can last

Connie S. Soto
December 20, 2015

Life's Journey

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Journey is All

The Journey is All

To be an individual
Unique in every way
To live your life to the fullest
Should happen every day

To reach for goals
Important to us
Is part of the journey
Which is also a plus

Fear can cause anxiety
Along the way
Do not let it hinder
As we find our way

Respect and integrity
Is important too
Life is what you make it
As you follow through

To acknowledge
Death is the end
As it is nothing

To realize
The journey is all
As it is

Connie S. Soto
July 12, 2015

Appreciate Every Single Day

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Little ol' Me

Little ol' Me

Life today is
Meant to be
Life is great for
Little ol' me

The wind is blowing
The trees are swaying
You can still hear
The birds are singing

On the horizon
The sun will set
The moon will rise
You can bet

My kitty cuddles
In my lap
She purrs so cute
Until she naps

To be alive
On a summer night
Feels so good
When all is right

It does not matter
Who you are
To be alive
Is better by far

Connie S. Soto
July 12, 2015

Celebrate Your Years Together!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Our Love Grew

Our Love Grew

It seems like yesterday
We just met
Being a kid
We had not grown up yet

Taking care of each other
And raising our kids
Building a life together
Is what we did

Each year gets better
Because we are together
Good times or bad
We always had each other

Because we were so young
No one thought our love would last
But our love grew
It was meant to last

Trust and love
Is the key
I am so glad
That you love me

Connie S. Soto
July 03, 2015

Enjoy our Feathered Friends!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - This Curious Bird

This Curious Bird

A chickadee
Is a tiny bird
Singing a song
They are easily heard

This curious bird
Is cute as can be
They do not migrate
You usually find them in a tree

Searching for insects
While watching out for hawks
They hang out together
In a flock

Within the flock
Hierarchy rains
They sing a lot
In their domain

They hang upside down
It is easy for them
This tiny bird
Is a sweet little gem

Connie S. Soto
June 20, 2015

Treasure Life!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Zippo


Zippo was my Zebra finch
He was as cute as cute could be
I am glad that he was born
So that he could spend his life with me

Zippo liked to cuddle
Like most Zebra finches do
It seems they are quite sociable
They preen each other too

Do they copy one another
Yes, I think that they do
When one finch goes to sleep
The other finches will follow too

Doing things together
Seems to be a community affair
Even if it is simply
Flying through the air

This tiny finch
Has a unique and lovely song
He can melt your heart
Like my Zippo
His whole life long

Connie S. Soto
May 16, 2015

Zippo Drawings
By Connie S. Soto & Autumn Johnson

Enjoy Your Loved Ones Everyday!

Or read the Poem:
Audio Poem Click to Listen - Keeping Them in Your Heart

Keeping Them in Your Heart

As humans it is inevitable
That we will experience loss
Even though what we feel is individual
It always takes time to react to the loss

It is a fact
Humans constantly experience change
After a loss
Nothing will be the same

A broken heart
Is filled with pain
Learning to live with the void
Is quite a strain

What we took for granted
Is no longer there
We adjust, we adapt
A new way to live
Is here

Even though death is
A natural part of life
We are naturally resilient
Even though it causes strife

Feelings of intense yearning
Where you know life will forever change
To be without them
The emptiness feels strange

To come to terms
Is what you have to do
Keeping them in your heart
Is important too

Connie S. Soto
August 30, 2014

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Hand Trained Canaries are fun

Tiki does not want to go back into his
cage. A hand trained canary can give
you a lot of joy. They usually have
terrific personalities. As you can see
Tiki is spoiled.

Tiki Fluffs His Feathers After A Bath

Audio click to Listen - I Guess We Have to Share
Or read the Poem:

I Guess We Have to Share

I am a little canary
My name is Tki
I have two feathered friends
Who I share my time with my human

We all love to spend time
Out of the cage
Hanging out with our human
Is quite the rage

Tweeter lives in the cage next to me
The human has not yet decided
If Tweeter is a he or a she

In the canary world
The human does not always know
If we are a boy or a girl
Only time will let them know

Then there is Tweeky
He is definitely a he
He sings morning noon and night
His song is nothing less than
An awesome melody

The canaries try to get
The priorities of our human
We have to mention finches
Who also gets her attention

Kiva this girl finch
Gets to come out of her cage
She hangs out with our human
As if Finches were all the rage

I guess we have to share
For our humans attention
Even with Vger
The kitty
Who also gets lots of
Her attention

Connie S. Soto
October 01, 2010

Tiki's Favorite Place After His Bath

Tweeky's Journey:

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Enjoy wildlife - Wild Bird Poem

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Wild Birds at the Feeder
Or read the Poem:

The Wild Birds at the Feeder

The first chilly morning
Of the season
I expected everyone
To be snuggled up keeping warm

Instead there is activity
All around
The sun was out
Without any signs of a storm

It was almost as if
Chilly equates to energy

The wild birds at the feeder
Were eating breakfast quite happily

The canary's song
Rings loud and clear

All the little birds chattering
Is music to my ears

The Scrub Jay arrives
On the scene

He announces himself loudly
He does not have to scream

The Hummingbirds pay him
No mind

They zoom in and out
It is too early for the sun
To make their feathers iridescent
Or glitter and shine

Even though the nectar feeder
Seats more than three

One at a time eat
As the Hummingbird
Chases the others up in the tree

A little while later
To my surprise

Two Anna Hummingbirds
Ate together
Right before my very eyes

This is not typical
Behavior for them

I feel happy watching
These sweet little gems

Connie S. Soto
November 12, 2010

Coopers Hawk in the Rain

Audio Poem Click to Listen - The Threatening Dark Clouds
Or read the Poem:

The Threatening Dark Clouds

The morning feels a bit eerie
The rain is only a mist
The threatening dark clouds
Promise much more than this

The Coopers Hawk arrives
He shakes the rain off of his feathers
You can count on him coming by
No matter what the weather

The wild birds
Will not come by
They will wait
Until the hawk leaves
For the sky

Connie S. Soto
March 20, 2011

Tiny and Full of Love
Hummingbirds fill our hearts with joy!

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Time is of the Essence Too

Or read the Poem:

Time is of the Essence Too

Jewel lost his leg
To a hawk
He had a will
For life
That would not stop

Here he is
In all of his health
On a branch so high
Carefree like nothing else

How do you suppose
That he will do
It all depends
On who will find him
Time is of the essence too

Connie S. Soto
March 02, 2011

In the Spring Take a Walk
Watch for New Baby Birds

Audio Poem Click to Listen - Little Peeps
Or read the Poem:

Little Peeps

When you see
Baby birds everywhere
You can tell that
Spring is here

Momma gives
The warning sounds
Her babies listen
As they are bound

She feeds the babies
She keeps them warm
She keeps them dry
If it storms

Little peeps
Is what I hear
The peeping stops
When I come near

To raise them right
Is part of her charm
She will keep them safe
From harm

Sometimes the Dad
Helps to feed the young
Watching the babies
Is a lot of fun

Connie S. Soto
May 20, 2011

Click to Visist House Sparrow Babies:

The House Sparrow Babies

Momma House Sparrow Feeds a Baby

A Little Hummer
Who loves to sing

A pair of Great Egrets

A Great Egret in Flight

Very Unusual near Homes
A Golden Eagle makes a visit

White Breasted Nuthatch

A Golden-Crowned Sparrow
Hanging out in the thicket

A Starling fledgling
It looks like it is doing the high step with its food

A White-Crown Juvenile

A Mocking Bird
They really do mimic what they hear

A Cedar Wax Wing
They are migratory birds

An Unusual Spring Flower

Coopers Hawk Looking for Prey

A Special Place for Birds

Some Birds Call this Home

Alfie and His Baby 2016

Hand Feeding a Tiny Hummer 2015

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